Paper Towns

Colouring and cutting might seem too old for me, but I grew up doing this and this is much better than to spend your whole weekend-or holiday doing nonsense and laying in bed, or so i thought.

I’ve been to Paris and believe me, it’s sooooo beautiful. Paris is my wonderland, except the plants and animals there don’t talk, but the hotties there does. This Craft may add a little picture of how it looks and where to spend the night with the hotties you bump into accidentally, which leads to something more.

Another one here is Australia. You all have been there, right? No? Who cares? The place is awesome. These are two pieces of the little australia.

A table craft is a whole lot of fun, especially when it’s raining outside and you’re stuck doing nothing. You better do this one with a five year old’s help since (according to me) they have a good taste in colour.

This last mini project i found might be too easy for a twelve year old, and you may probably say this is just a for-fun for a four year old, though I’ve tried and it’s just as okay as the others *shows innocent smile.This is it.

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